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The management of MyTollFreeNumber.com has assisted thousands of customers with their search for premium toll-free numbers. Please read below just a few of the many e-mails and letters received from our customers.

Client service at its best! I can't remember the last time a vendor rushed to get back to me at midnite when time was of the essence! For the best numbers and the best service, I'll always CALL on "MyTollFreeNumber.com ."

Sherri K.

You rock!

Mark T. VP Advertising

Thanks for your excellent service. I've been very satisfied with my number and the service it has supplied for my customers !!

Jean B.

This is the only 1-800 toll free site which I have come across so far in my research that is friendly, informative, and useful. Keep up the great work!

Jessie F.

Wow that was fast. Thanks so much for your help.

Mary E.

That sounds wonderful! Thank you so much! I really like the number!!!

Paul S.

Every once in a while, I concede to my inner voice who tells me something is a good deal and I need to act on it while the iron is hot. I'm usually right about these things, and I can't count all of the opportunities I have missed for not acting, so don't let this happen to you.

The good news here is that they respond fast. You also do not need to install a separate phone line; they forward the toll-free traffic to an existing phone line. Might nifty and cost effective.

Costs for this service are pretty minimal considering the speed of their response and minute rates. They also do all the provisioning and paperwork to bring the number into operation.

You can't beat this, can you?

Steve S.

YOU ARE ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL!!!! You guys went out of your way to help me and my business. THANK YOU!!!!!You are absolutely GREAT!!!!!!!!!!

Tamara W.

YES! Perfeito Amici!!!! Grazie!! Fantastico! I am very happy! Thanks for your patience and customer support! ...I’m ready to tell the world.

Bradley N.

Wow! You guys are fast. …Thanks again.

Ted J.

Being in the consulting business with fifty or so business and technical consultants working for me, I will certainly make sure that our clients know about the service. Your quick response to inquiries and, most of all, your unique offerings that are required by almost any company make your organization one that I can recommend to my clients with confidence…. I wish you good luck with your business. .

John C.

Thanks, you guys are so efficient. I love it.

Erick A.

We thank you very much for the fast response and will highly recommend your services to any that request such information.

Karin P.



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